Skin Cancer Screenings

By regularly checking your skin, you give yourself a good chance of spotting the signs of sun damage before they become serious.

Regular self skin checks will not only help you get to know your own skin, they will also help you gain a greater understanding of what is normal on your skin, and what is not. In particular, getting to know your own skin will help you in identifying any new or changing areas of sun damage.

For people who’ve had skin cancer we reccomend annual skin checks. For people who’ve never had a skin cancer, once every few years will be acceptable. However, please consult your physycian immediately if you see something that is not healing or bleeding or changing color or growing or something that generally gets your attention even if it just itches. Skin cancer can look very different in different people and even the same skin cancer may look different in different spots on the same person and it takes a dermatologist sometimes to really be able to tell if that lesion is of concern or not.

Always remember the ABCD’s of Melanoma – if something is asymmetric, or the boarder is irregular, or the color is of concern to you, an espresso brown, or the diameter is simply growing. And certainly if it were bleeding or itching or otherwise bothering you come and have us give it a check.